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Marcel Casa

Hotel Inspired Reed Diffuser

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Inspired by our favorite hotels from around the globe, our Hotel Inspired Series aims to emulate the rich, exotic and timeless qualities of some of the most beautiful and popular hotels in the world.

Inspired by the "Four Seasons" Hotels. With a unique blend of Amber, Jasmine, Mint, Musk and Carnation.

From the moment you enter the door, experience a luxurious, sophisticated journey starting with the fragrance of your favorite hotel to stylish pieces that define the design layers of your home’s interior. Our Hotel Inspired Series is inspired by these moments and more, and we want to create this experience for you at home.

Our Reed Diffuser
Reed diffusers are an easy and graceful way to fine-tune your home. Marcel Casa long lasting scent helps to make your home feel fresh and relax. Every box of Marcel Casa Reed Diffusers Includes 5x reeds and one bottle of pre-filled fragrance oil.

-Great gift for the home or office
-Last 100 days

-Purifies both the body and mind.
-Unique blend of Peach, Lily, Freesia, Jasmine & Sandalwood

-Reconnect body and sensuality.
-Unique blend of Orchid, Galbanum, Amber, Ambergris & Mahogany

Four Seasons:
-Uplift fatigued minds and energize the body.
-Unique blend of Carnation, Fennel, Jasmine, Lemon & Caraway

-Harmonizing and stabilizing effect on the mind.
-Unique blend of Lime, Orchid, Hibiscus, White Tea, Lime & Musk

-Instill comfort, euphoria and relaxation.
-Unique blend of Black current, Rose, Jasmine, Grapefruit & Citrus

-Soothing, calming, and warming.
-Unique blend of Tea, Iris, Violet, Ambergris & White Musk.

Ritz Carlton Scent:
-Encourages concentration and calmness.
-Unique blend of Lemon, Blackcurrant & Amber Musk

Sofitel Scent:
-Balances emotions while dispelling nervousness.
-Unique blend of Violet, Tuberose & Green Tea

Sheraton Scent:
-Harmonizing and stabilizing effect on the mind.
-Unique blend of Orange, Jasmine, Tuberose & Green Tea

St. Regis Scent:
-Instill comfort, euphoria and relaxation.
-Unique blend of Black current, Rose, Violet, Ambergris & White Musk